Segnalazioni: progetto di Documentario Partecipativo.

Rilancio con piacere questo progetto di alcuni studenti brasiliani.
Se qualche studente italiano fosse interessato.. :)

We are journalism students from Brazil proposing this project as our final graduation work. Our aim is to:

  • analyze the possibilities of connection between people who has the same interests through social network websites (Facebook);
  • shoot a participative documentary video;
  • analyze the same common activities through the lenses of cultural diversity;
  • compare the feedback received in different parts of the world.
  • We should form four (4) or five (5) teams around the world. Each team will shoot a simple documentary about the day of a university student (starting when he’s almost waking up, and finishing after he’s sleeping). After this first phase, the teams will have to upload on the web a pre-edited doc (10 min maximum) following the instructions of a pre-script developed by us, the team in Brazil. All parts (pre-edited docs by each team) will be downloaded and re-edit it into a 25 min max documentary. After the final version of the video is done we’re going to post it into a website and analyze the feedback from the public on the web.
    If you are interest in being part or know more about this project please get in touch with us:


    David Gomes and Henrique Vale
    Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora / Faculdade de Comunicação Social

    ps. guardate anche questo emozionante esempio di User Generated Content partecipativo

    Over 40 youtubers from different parts of the world participated in this video. We needed to send a message to the WORLD…a message to you. WE ARE ONE


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